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Thanks for all your prayers as I chased elk with my own stick and string last weekend...but pray harder...I'm still after one! :) I may give it a day or two this last weekend of the season. As we all know, hunting is about far more than the's about the company, where it takes you, the memories created and what you learn about yourself, the world, life and our creator. At times I feel the pressure of notching tags for this year's DVD, but I'm relieved each an every time knowing that God is in control...of everything...from each and every blog that gets posted, to what goes on our DVD and into the programs and activities we will put together...and the adventures you all are having as well! He is in control...and this last weekend I was reminded that I need to have "faith in the field," whenever and wherever that may be.

Over Labor Day weekend I headed out with a good friend, David Brinker, from Sitka Gear, and his dad after some Northwest OR roosevelt elk. We found some screamers, but getting within the magical 30 yard range with traditional gear was a challenge. I wanted to share a short video with you that encompasses so much...from the beauty of the coastal mountains and it's inhabitants, to a father and son's epic journey well as the reality of the hunt and a traditional bowhunting theme. It's a quick recap I hope you'll enjoy watching while taking a break from the grind.


KT Barnes September 23, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

jeff...i showed this to my dad @ home this weekend and he was absolutely dying. he loved seeing "little david" out w. you and his dad. thanks!

Anonymous,  September 24, 2010 at 3:37 PM  

Sweet! Glad he liked it! :)

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