Where We're Headed


Last night I was flipping through an issue of Northwest Sportsman magazine when an advertisement caught my eye. It was an ad for Weldcraft Boats and Yamaha Outboards. Now I love boats, so most boat ads I stop and look at. You know, some guys love motorcycles, classic cars, monster trucks, guns, or loud stereo systems. Me, I love boats. But it wasn't the boats that caught my eye as much as it was the statement in bold print in the center of the page. The statement read, "WE KNOW EXACTLY WHERE WE'RE HEADED..." And I thought, really? I mean wouldn't that kind of clarity be nice? To know exactly where you are headed. But then the next line of the ad in smaller bold print continued, "WHEREVER YOU POINT THE BOW."

See Weldcraft and Yamaha know exactly where they are going.....wherever the captain of the ship tells them to. And that is how Jeff and I feel about Faith in the Field. This vessel is God's and wherever He points the bow, well then that is where we are headed. Even if it is a rough bar or a stormy sea. That is a commitment that we will stick to and it is the very foundation of this ministry. So our plan is to not box God in with plans. We want to stay loose and mobile and ready to go where we are led.

Now with that in mind, let me just put out there where we believe God is currently leading us.

We are a non-profit organization focusing mainly on men's ministry through outdoor activities. We believe God is leading us to begin with two sides to our ministry. The first side being outreach: the web-site, this blog, our videos, participating at sportsman shows and events. We also hope to hold one or two of our own events all designed to offer a platform where we can be used to help introduce men to the gospel.

The second side we feel God is leading us to is a side that will strategically take men deeper into their relationship with Christ. One of the things we are talking about is putting on a men's retreat. We are also thinking of developing program-type materials that can be used in small groups to help men sharpen each other by growing deep friendships and a deeper relationship with Christ. We want to provide some practical ways for men to lead. We have a desire to develop a program for men to lead their sons and daughters in outdoor adventures and use that time to help give their kids much of what they need in the way of spiritual leadership, affirmation, love and validation. For men who don't have kids at home any longer, we want to offer them the opportunity to mentor a fatherless boy in the ways of the outdoors, help them along the masculine journey and introduce God as the Father who will never abandon them.

A man longs to be powerful and make an impact on the world. We believe we are being led in the above areas to help men realize that they really are powerful. They really can make an impact.

I just thought that many of you might be wondering what we are up to and where we are headed. I wish I knew...EXACTLY where and EXACTLY how. But then again, going where The Captain points the bow is probably going to be a good ride.



On Alert


1 Peter 5:8-10
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

"Them poor critters. You know them things always have to be on the alert don't they," was the comment from Rich, a member of our hunting party. It was the day before the Central Oregon rifle deer season and we were watching some mule deer feeding along the ridge out in the middle of a vast expanse of sagebrush. We had been talking about the low numbers of bucks we had seen that day and discussing the habitat, the harsh winters and the predators that are constantly keeping these animals on high alert. Between coyotes, cougars, poachers, hunters, winter conditions, finding food, finding water, sickness and disease a mule deer does not live a cushy life. They must be strong, they must be savvy and they must always live on high alert in order to survive.

You know, that is not totally different from the life of a Christian. In order to live well for Christ we must also be on high alert. The world, the flesh and the devil are constant danger to the heart of a Christ follower. Without our heart, without all of it, we cannot live well. We cannot love well. We cannot find our specific role that we are to play in the kingdom. And to live well for Christ can at times be....exhausting.

Take this morning as an example; I have some sweet time with Lord first thing. Then driving the kids to school, we are singing along with some Christian music in the truck and having a good morning. I get to work and say the joyful morning hello's to everyone and then I open my email. Customer complaint. A few minutes go by and then we have a problem in the plant. Then I find out a couple of employees are in a squabble. Literally an hour into my day at work and I have lost my bearing. What happened??? I go home for lunch and while talking with my wife we have a disagreement. Not a big deal but still a hassle. On my way back to work I decide to stop off and get my chainsaw fixed. I'm told it will take 2-3 weeks and probably cost $75. I end up buying the parts so I can fix it myself quicker. Like I need more to do. As the day goes on it is one thing after another and the result is a subtle loss of heart. How effective was I for Christ today? I got taken out early.

I'm not trying to over dramatize. I'm not saying that Satan sent the customer complaint. Hardly. But the effect of the world and trouble can take it's toll on you in a day. String a few days together and a subtle erosion begins to take place and we start to lose heart. Then we are susceptible.

I got an email from John Eldredge the other day. I am on his prayer team and so he sends us weekly updates on how things are going with his ministry. This is what he said in his update:

We are spent. Really poured ourselves out. It is not just the travel; it's not just an evening talk. It is maintaining the constant inward integrity and the constant walk with Jesus that allows no place to anything that would diminish our availability to His Spirit and the beauty and uniqueness of what He is bringing each day. That is....whew. Demanding.

That is how I want to live. Demanding yes. But so worth the hassle.



Join the Adventure!


Welcome to our blog! We're excited to share our thoughts as we live the adventure right alongside you all. It's been an exciting couple months as we've introduced Faith in the Field and are seeking God's direction for 2010. Thank you for your support and your prayers...and we ask that you continue to pray! We're already seeing the Lord at work, but we're also seeing ways in which Satan's trying to plant seeds of doubt. I was reminded last week that anything and everything that can be used to glorify God is under attack by the enemy...think of it. Whether we believe it or not...whether we recognize it or not doesn't make it any less real. Relationships, work, time spent with God...even our time in the field, whether hunting, fishing or elsewhere, there are moments when we neglect the beauty of nature and focus on the lack of animals, fish or lousy weather. One of my favorite quotes is, "The story of our life is the long and brutal assault on our heart by the one who knows what we can become and fears it."

In years past, when I'd see folks "doing great things for God" I assumed they had it all together, ya know? "Life must be easy for them"...or..."I wish it were that way for me"...and..."One of these days, I'll be ready, God's preparing me." To be honest, when I began working on the hunting DVD just a few months ago, I didn't want to introduce Faith in the Field...we were gonna wait...until we were ready...until everything was juuuuust right. But the ever-so-common "nudge from God" prevailed...and this time, this year, instead of the usual stubbornness and excuses, we're taking the leap! And we want you to take the leap with us! Life isn't easy and we don't have it all together...no one does this side of Heaven...and realizing that has brought freedom and relief like no other...to stop trying to figure it out on our own...and to stop waiting...but begin to truly rely on God and strive to know His will for our lives.

While we hope Faith in the Field has something to give, I've already been blown away by what I've received...what I've learned...from all of you, from God, about God, and about myself...this venture has created an accountability to follow through, not give up and it's revived my faith, hope and trust in God to move where He wants to move. It's a refreshing feeling each time I'm reminded that God's in control. Faith in the Field is not about what Scott or I or others can do or offer, but about us all joining together to make the difference we were designed to make...living the adventure God's placed the desire in our heart to be part of, fighting the battle Christ's given us the strength and perseverance to win, and recognizing the infinite amount of beauty all around us that speaks volumes about our awesome Creator!

We're pumped to let the Lord work!

Seeking the One!