Astoria 2010


Well, we had another good trip to Astoria for salmon camp again this year. The fishing wasn't as hot as in years past but we managed to get our share. We were able to avoid any skunk outings by at least getting one keeper each trip out and our best day was 5 salmon to the net. Most importantly we were able to grill up some fresh salmon for dinner almost every night back in camp. Here are a few pictures of the fish and the expert anglers....

Lot's of memories from this year like me falling off of the dock before heading out one morning, playing on the beach, riding bikes and of course catching fish. Morgan and Grant are turning into quite the fishermen. My favorite memory though was one night while sitting at the campfire a tired and weary 2 year old climbed up onto my lap, put her head on my shoulder with her cold little nose next to my neck and breathed a big sigh. It had been a long day, she was a little dirty, she missed her nap, had just gotten some camp fire smoke in her eyes and she turned to me for comfort. I was thrilled! She could have gone to grandma or mommy or big sister but she came to daddy which honestly is getting more rare as she grows. It made my day.
And it caused me to wonder. If I enjoyed being able to comfort my child so much, how much more does God love to be there to comfort us? We have long days, we get tired and weary and dirty and hurt....where do we turn? The refrigerator, the TV, sleep, a hot shower...or maybe darker things....addictions perhaps. But God is there, we just need to climb up in his lap and rest. We ought to be looking for comfort in the only real place there is to find it. I just bet it would make God's day as well.


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