A Gentle Nudge...


Okay, so it has been a while since we last blogged!  Actually it has been a while since we have done much of anything for Faith in Field.  Life has been busy.  Too busy.  And in all the chaos and hectic pace of life this summer the passion and desire that I have had for this ministry has kind of faded.

And then God used a friend to send me a link to a speech to remind me of the ministry and to stir up the desire that had recently been abandoned.  God is so good.  He could have made the point in a hundred of different ways, chastised me, berrated me, made feel guilty, judged me, whatever.  But no, he has a friend send an email and instead of saying "GET GOING!" he just stirs up the desire that he has already placed within me.  How could I not love a God like that? The personal ways that He speaks to us are just so cool!

This speech linked below is the Hall of Fame induction speech made by Steve Largent.  Steve Largent was my favorite football player when I was a kid.  I looked up to him and wanted to be just like him.  I used to pretend I was Steve Largent in my back yard with my Nerf ball, Seahawks jersey, and old helmet.  I cut the middle bar out of the facemask so that mine would be just like Steve's.  I has his poster's, his Wheaties box, and I used to try and write the "S" in my name the same way he did in his autographs.  The man was my hero.

Listen to the speech linked below.  It is God using my childhood hero to get me to push on with a ministry aimed at mentoring and fathering young people in the outdoors.  And it is an AWESOME speech.