Fall Photo Contest!


Before I get to the details of our first photo contest I just thought I would ask for your prayers this weekend for my brother, Jeff. After spending all of his time this archery elk season filming other hunters, he is finally getting out this weekend with a chance to be shooter! He really wants to get one....which I'm sure is why I didn't get invited along. Would you please pray that God sends the perfect elk along. Since we should pray specifically, here is what the perfect elk will be like. A bull, or a cow. Deaf, blind and have no sense of smell. Three legged would be good, two is better yet! This elk will need to come within 3 yards and stand still. If it came with a bulls eye painted over the vitals, that would be good too! Please join me:)

Now, on to the business at hand. We've been enjoying a few of the photo's that friends have been sending our way of the trophies you have bagged already this season. It got us thinking that it would be cool if all of you would send us a photo or two of the animals, birds, or fish you bag this fall. We'll get a panel together and judge the photo's and declare some winners.

Here are some rules....honor system.

-Photo must be taken of an animal, fish, or bird(s) legally taken this year, 2010.
-If you shoot an animal from your hot tub (Dad) please put a shirt on before photo is taken.

Photo's will be judged on picture quality, backdrop scenery, the presentation of the game or fish and we will probably give a little preference to kids with big smiles and trophy size beasts, or maybe we might be swayed by anything that grabs at our heart strings in your photo summary paragraph.

Please include with your photo, a short paragraph summing up the trip, GPS coordinates, your name, email address and a phone number. (We will keep this private) Kidding about the GPS stuff;)

We can't promise anything because we haven't started putting together the video for this year, but we may want to add your still shot photo's at the end of our video while the credits are rolling. Please indicate if that is okay with you when send in your entries.

Winners will be contacted the first week of January. 1st place will get first choice of prizes, 2nd will get........2nd choice and 3rd place will get what's left. 4th place will get whatever Cliff Bars and Capri Suns are left at the bottom of my pack at the end of the season.

The Prizes will be:

-A Winter Steelhead Driftboat trip for two on the Siletz or Trask river with me. I am not a guide and have only sunk 1 driftboat. We usually catch some fish though.

-$50.00 gift card to Cabellas

-A Faith in the Field T-shirt and free 2010 video.

To Enter: Send photo in email form to info@faithinthefield.com Please title the email "Photo Contest"

Good luck to everyone this fall season. May God bless you and keep you safe as you adventure in the outdoors this fall. And our prayer for you is that you will be struck by creation and the Creator in new and deeper ways this fall as you Seek The One!


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