Let the planning begin!!!


Congrats to all who successfully drew a tag this year! I've become more anxious each year as the unveiling of the results nears...adding OWFW's site to my "favorites" list on the computer, re-memorizing my license number, and checking more frequently each day. I didn't have high hopes this year, so I wasn't too surprised to read "unsuccessful" all the way down the page. Loving the west side of our state takes the pressure off the draw for me, because no matter what, I count my blessings that I can hunt blacktails and roosevelts annually over the counter. We're lucky in that regard here in Oregon. We're blessed with an extremely diverse state and abundant opportunities each and every year! And so, let the planning begin!!!

It's like Christmas morning in June...the phone calls, tags drawn, the immediate talk of when to scout, where to camp, and which ridge you'll find yourself on come opening morning. Memories and dreams collide, causing sleepless nights and anticipation for weeks ahead. Goals are set and the motivation kicks in...losing weight, strengthening those lungs, drinking more water, less pop and junk food, begin growing the beard out ;) ...our mode changes. For some, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, for others, a last in a lifetime opportunity...for many, a first time opportunity. A first trip with dad or a last trip with dad...an unknown adventure, a familiar campfire, relaxation and adrenaline, highs and lows, hits and maybe misses, challenges and success...there's nothing quite like it. It's a measuring stick of sorts, with many different approaches and mindsets. And to each of us, there's an innate desire to experience one or all aspects of the outdoors.

Our desire to spend quality time in nature is our desire to spend quality time with the One who created it. The beauty of the outdoors speaks of an Eden we've never know, but know we were created for. It draws us closer to God, renews our heart, mind and our soul. Life is different out there. It's.........good.

So as you plan for fall and begin to work out, eat healthier, shoot your bow, sight in your rifle, make your lists and study your maps, know that God is just as excited for the hunt as you are! I can't wait to meet Him in camp...

Seeking the One!


Jerry Gowins July 1, 2011 at 3:03 PM  

Well said! Don't forget the added excitement of a brand new custom bow for the coming season. Mine arrives today. :-)

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