Shoot Out!


Picture for a moment a bunch of grown men standing around telling stories, shooting shotguns, fellowshipping with one another and praising God in the process.  Picture seeing some of the rough and tumble type of men from your church in their element...on their turf, where they feel the most comfortable.  They are doing what they love and sharing what they love with others.

The joking, the camraderie, the smell of chicken smoking on Traegers, and the constant barrage of shotgun blasts followed by laughter, cheering, and "dog-gone-its."  It is a good time.  Way different than Sunday school.  And in many ways more powerful.  Let me explain.

Now picture that you are a young man being invited to join in the fun with these men who you respect.  They want you to join them because they value you.  They offer you a place in the adventure they are having as men.  Then, they turn their focus to helping you have a good time.  They are engaged and willing to help you learn.  Their desire is to pass on skills and knowledge in hopes that you will enjoy yourself.  They accept you as a man, in the company of men.  They laugh at your jokes.  They have a genuine interest in your life and they ask you questions to try and get to know you.  They encourage you.  They cheer for you.  They are in your corner.

This is what happened last weekend at the Schoenborn Ranch in Yamhill county.  I want to thank  the Coast Hills Community Church mens ministry for allowing Faith in the Field to be a part of their annual shotgun shoot and BBQ.  We serve a God that is such a genious.  Really!  To use a bunch of men, a bunch of shotguns,several cases of ammunition and about 2,000 clay targets to minister to and affect the lives of several men and boys who were present.  Well, it is awesome!  You have to love the way God uses people and the things we are passionate about for his purposes.

Enjoy some of the photo's from last weekend.


Rob June 24, 2011 at 12:06 PM  

Had a great time and Robbie keeps asking me when we get to go shoot more stuff.

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