Out of the mouths of babes....


We are all familiar with how frantic life can get.  Crazy busy is the American way.  Don't we feel a little guilty if we are not busy all of the time?  It is a way of life that I try to fight but I find myself getting sucked in over and over.  The trouble with living life at such a fast pace is that we don't find the time or space to let God in and to let Him lead us.  We scurry around in an aimless furry like a bunch of fire ants after someone just kicked our ant hill.

Recently that is how life has been feeling for me.  We closed the end of the year at work and things haven't worked out as well as we planned.  Now we are reacting to try and make next year more profitable.  Cost saving studies, closer management of what happens, try to control cost increases, cutting back where we can, exploring new ways to grow the business and on and on.  The days go by so quickly and the to-do lists never get any shorter.

I've got two kids playing youth basketball right now and most nights we have practices or games and tournaments on the weekend.

Chores around the house need to get done as well.  The dishwasher is on it's last legs.  Last week the microwave quit working out of the blue.  Our Golden Retriever had puppies that are making a mess out of my barn!  (Hoping to get them sold off soon)

So all this has been going down and then to top it off, my wife went in to get her wisdom teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago.  Now you probably will understand that when a mother of three kids goes out of comission for a few days, things can get pretty out of hand.  My wife, bless her, cannot handle pain medication.  She took one of those pills they gave her and she slept for like 2 days!  I was missing her help.  You know, laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting the kids where they need to go...stuff like that.

And that brings me to the moment.  It was a Thursday morning and I was taking my two year old daughter to my in-laws house to drop her off for the day.  As my mother-in-law opened the door Reese turned to me to say her good byes.  She blew me a kiss and said, "Bye daddy, God misses you."  Now what she meant to say was "God bless you."  She has said it before.  But for whatever reason on this morning, she got her words mixed up and it came out "God misses you."  And her words could not have been more accurate!

In all of the hustle and bustle somehow I lost track of my relationship with God.  Just totally forgot about Him really.  It is embarrassing to say that.  But I think it happens to all of us far too often. 

As I walked back to my truck and started off to work I knew I had been busted and I had to confess to God....again....for losing sight of what is most important in my life.  Then I thanked him for my little girl and for her words of wisdom.



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