Memories of 2010


As 2010 comes to a close, we wanted to share a friend's "Memories of 2010" with you hopes that you will take the time to reflect on your own year as well...time with friends and family, with God...we all have much to be thankful for...and much to look forward to!

Memories of 2010
This year was definitely about the quality of the memories, not the size of the horns.  We went fishing, camping, exploring, and hunting, and God blessed every outing.  Nothing from this year will be noted in the record books, but these are the memories that last a lifetime.

Boat ride at the pond--Good thing this isn’t the Nestucca...

 Spring Bear--A small one, but the sausage sure is good!

Successful outing--Limits of trout from South Lake with Brant and A.J.

A mouthful of teeth--My brother’s lingcod from the Newport jetty

Road trip to SE Oregon--No worries about lines at Disneyland

Hope for the future--Mama and babies near Steens Mountain

Hawk Valley--Camping the way it's meant to be

Fishing at Ana Reservoir--Do you really think a two-year-old can sit still long enough to catch a fish?

Muzzleloader antelope--A successful spot-and-stalk hunt

Imnaha River canyon--You can't get this backdrop fo a family picture at Sears!

Favorite wild places--A visit to the Hat Point lookout

On the steps at Hat Point--What happens when you give a two-year-old too much attention

Sled Springs mule deer--My first muley (the lucky shirt came through again)

Amanda’s first deer--One shot with the .308

Minam River canyon--I hunt for the sight of more than just elk.

My new hunting rig--Complete with a Faith in the Field decal!

Wishing you all a great 2011 with more wonderful memories!
-Quinton and family


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