An Outdoor Sabbath


This time of year is filled with sleepless nights as hunting season approaches, and dreams of what could be fill our minds. Most of us know where we're headed, plans are being made, calendars are being marked. We'll be after bears in only a couple of days! August through December in Oregon is full of opportunity if you love the excitement of the hunt and a freezer full of the best meat one can find.

I want to invite you all to take a new approach with us this year as we begin our journey into the wilds of Oregon and not merely hunt our quarry, but experience the freedom and beauty of creation, seek restoration, and pay closer attention to the things God's telling you through his artistry. "Beauty speaks of and Eden we've never known, but somehow know our hearts were created speaks of Heaven to come." Romans 1:19-20 talks of God's invisible qualities, eternal power and divine nature being clearly seen in all of creation. It's no wonder the enemy has casually evolved our lives into a hurried devotion of busyness, surrounded by metal and cement.

This excerpt from our website sums it up...

The time I spend in the outdoors, the reason I find myself there, the reason we all find ourselves there is because it speaks to the heart God’s given each of us. It’s not hunting, or even the outdoors for all, but certainly all who enjoy time in the wilderness will find God there.

Think of what it’s like to behold a gorgeous sunset, to gaze upon a high mountain vista, to sense the serenity of the wild…playing a round of golf on that perfect day, watching the ending of a great movie, singing along with a moving song in the car…those moments in life in which we yearn to linger, to experience all our days. Our heart begins to quiet and peace enters our soul…it expands…we can breathe again…we can rest…it is good…all is well. These are all moments of beauty where we taste life as it’s meant to be. We so often overlook and don’t recognize this…but when we do, we see that beauty draws us to God. Beauty speaks of Heaven to come, when all shall be beautiful. There is an innate sense of splendor in feeling close to God and seeing His creation more fully while in the outdoors for me. Every piece of artwork reveals something of the artist if you look for it. My goal this year is to look for what God’s artwork reveals…and that’s also the goal of Faith in the Field.

So let's look for it, SHARE it, and realize how blessed we are to spend time with family, friends, new friends...with ourselves...with God...and follow Him into the wilderness...


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