Where We're Headed


Last night I was flipping through an issue of Northwest Sportsman magazine when an advertisement caught my eye. It was an ad for Weldcraft Boats and Yamaha Outboards. Now I love boats, so most boat ads I stop and look at. You know, some guys love motorcycles, classic cars, monster trucks, guns, or loud stereo systems. Me, I love boats. But it wasn't the boats that caught my eye as much as it was the statement in bold print in the center of the page. The statement read, "WE KNOW EXACTLY WHERE WE'RE HEADED..." And I thought, really? I mean wouldn't that kind of clarity be nice? To know exactly where you are headed. But then the next line of the ad in smaller bold print continued, "WHEREVER YOU POINT THE BOW."

See Weldcraft and Yamaha know exactly where they are going.....wherever the captain of the ship tells them to. And that is how Jeff and I feel about Faith in the Field. This vessel is God's and wherever He points the bow, well then that is where we are headed. Even if it is a rough bar or a stormy sea. That is a commitment that we will stick to and it is the very foundation of this ministry. So our plan is to not box God in with plans. We want to stay loose and mobile and ready to go where we are led.

Now with that in mind, let me just put out there where we believe God is currently leading us.

We are a non-profit organization focusing mainly on men's ministry through outdoor activities. We believe God is leading us to begin with two sides to our ministry. The first side being outreach: the web-site, this blog, our videos, participating at sportsman shows and events. We also hope to hold one or two of our own events all designed to offer a platform where we can be used to help introduce men to the gospel.

The second side we feel God is leading us to is a side that will strategically take men deeper into their relationship with Christ. One of the things we are talking about is putting on a men's retreat. We are also thinking of developing program-type materials that can be used in small groups to help men sharpen each other by growing deep friendships and a deeper relationship with Christ. We want to provide some practical ways for men to lead. We have a desire to develop a program for men to lead their sons and daughters in outdoor adventures and use that time to help give their kids much of what they need in the way of spiritual leadership, affirmation, love and validation. For men who don't have kids at home any longer, we want to offer them the opportunity to mentor a fatherless boy in the ways of the outdoors, help them along the masculine journey and introduce God as the Father who will never abandon them.

A man longs to be powerful and make an impact on the world. We believe we are being led in the above areas to help men realize that they really are powerful. They really can make an impact.

I just thought that many of you might be wondering what we are up to and where we are headed. I wish I knew...EXACTLY where and EXACTLY how. But then again, going where The Captain points the bow is probably going to be a good ride.



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