7x7 Roosey!!! Outdoor Dream Foundation Hunt


Hi all,

This week's blog is a special update on a hunt I mentioned weeks ago...one that we were really looking forward to! The link below is to an ifish thread about a bull that 18 year old Jessica, from South Carolina, killed on film last week...a cancer survivor who chose an Oregon elk hunt as her "dream hunt" sponsored by the Outdoor Dream Foundation. I can't begin to express the trials this girl's endured and persevered through, and how amazing this experience was for her and her dad...and everyone who took part in this adventure and made it possible. God is good!

Click HERE to view the story and photos from the hunt...



Anonymous,  September 23, 2011 at 11:18 PM  

What an amazing story and pictures, I can't wait to see the video about her hunt and story. You guys are doing such great things with your talents. God is good!! -Stephanie

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