a wife's perspective


What does faith in the field look like for a woman? A wife? A mom?

Sometimes faith is just that. Having the faith in my man that he is making the right decisions for our family. The right decision when it comes to being outdoors for the right reasons. To seek God. To look inside himself, search out the good and take hold; find the bad and let it go. To be able to come home rejuvenated with the Spirit; ready to scoop us all up in his arms. Ready to tackle the tasks that accompany the titles "husband" and "dad" with more enthusiasm than he left with.

Faith for me is understanding that this is a ministry and that sacrifice is needed on my part to ensure that God is glorified and Satan is defeated at his attempts to destroy.

To be honest, being a stay at home mom is tough! I love my little chances to get away. So whenever an opportunity arises that I can take, I jump on it. And then, when something pops up to threaten it, I don't respond too well. I've gotten better... a LOT better (hopefully if you asked Jeff, he would agree) :) But it's through times like these, when I don't get my way, that I realize God has a better way. God's way is always better. He is continually teaching me that my "field" is right where I am: being wife and mom to three handsome men. Raising up little boys to become men of faith, men of honor, warriors- what a phenomenal calling. God has placed me in a position to nurture their hearts, flame their spirits, and let them soar. To assist my husband in these responsibilities is a blessing. God thinks I am able, now it's my job to have faith- that I have what it takes. Underneath all the toys, food, stains, toothpaste, diapers, and disasters is God at work in my life. Dying to self is a beautiful thing... it means that God is glorified through those who I am serving.

Finding purpose,

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