Why do you hunt?


Have you ever stumbled through an awkward conversation with an "outsider" about why you hunt? Have you ever been unable to put words to the unexplainable feeling, emotion, desire and longing you feel?

As many of you know, we frequent www.ifish.net for many reasons...to learn, share, encourage, make friends, promote Faith in the Field, etc...and occasionally there are topics brought up that should be shared with the world! The link below is one such thread we'd love for you all to take the time to read...and share...with other outdoorsmen, and especially those who don't understand why we do what we do or why we love what we love...even those closest to you...spouses, children, parents and friends.

We would never encourage skipping church, or replacing time spent with God's people, but there are those who resonate with God at a much purer level, in a more genuine way, while in the wilderness...and there are ways in which God is experienced outdoors that can't happen indoors. It's biblical. "Wilderness" is defined biblically as "a place or state of withdrawal from the world to face the reality of God." As we've mentioned before, outdoor recreation isn't required to find God, but certainly all those who do venture into raw creation will find God there. Many men would not know God and have a relationship with Christ were it not for time spent in the field.

Click the link below, and as you sift through the jokes, humor and horrible spelling, you'll read some very telling views that reveal the untamed heart God's given each of us...after all, Adam was created in the wilderness.

Why do you hunt? Click here for Ifish.net discussion...

Some lines that stick out to me:

"To get out of the fake world, and back in the real world once in a while."

"It's so pure."

"Being out in the woods helps to keep me centered and gets my kids away from all the crap in the world that is trying to drag them down the wrong path. It's not about filling the tag, it's about the spark and fire I see in my boy's eyes."

"To Enjoy the World the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Concrete Free."

"I hunt to feed my family."

"Because being in the woods, on a river, or on the ocean makes me feel closer to God than being in a church ever has, or will."

"Its that primal instinct. Stalking and killing an animal involves all your senses. It brings us closer to who we are than anything else."



"To get out into the wilderness."

"Why do I hunt. . . . . . . how can I not? "

"To confirm that I am a participant and not just an observer."

"It is the one time of year to get to spend alot more time with my dad and brother."

"In this crazy modern world, its the only thing that feels natural and right."

"No matter how wore out I get, it is still the most relaxing feeling. I don't know exactly why I hunt, but I do have to."

"...and mostly, because golf seems really stupid to me."


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