Lead Them...


Often times God sends us little messages and reminders about the things closest to his heart, things that should be closest to our hearts as well but we too often overlook them. I was sent a link to this song earlier this week and after a couple of days I finally clicked on the You Tube link to check it out. Two lines into the song I was already busted. Busted because I haven't been giving my wife and kids the best of me lately. I'm tired. I've been working every day for 2 months at the berry plant. I'm trying to get some more stuff started on the ministry side of Faith in the Field and I'm helping coach my son's football team. In my spare time I've been planning and dreaming for a little fishing vacation and making hunting plans because after all I deserve it.....right?

And then God sends me this message, and the reminder is...."You are the leader in your home, the one I have placed in authority and your first mission is lead them." A great reminder and one I really needed to hear this week before heading out on our much anticipated family vacation. Now, instead of heading out thinking about myself and how I can get some much needed rest and fun this week, with God's help I feel the goal changing to, "How can I offer myself to my family this week and give them what they need from me on this trip." Thank God for his intervention? I think the upcoming week would have been a disaster without it.

Here is the link to the amazing message of "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real.



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