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Have you ever questioned the legitimacy of Christianity? Sometimes I fear maybe this is all just a game...our friends and our families all play too...harness the young and give some comfort to the old. We've all had doubts...for you music buffs, those are lyrics from a Caedmon's Call song (click play below)...but do we not all question our faith somewhere in our journey? Sometimes I feel a sort of inferiority about my beliefs, as if there's no backbone to what I hold true, no proof...nothing significant to share that will wow unbelievers or doubters. It stems from two things...lack of preparation and the constant assault from a very evil force in this life. Let us prepare. :)

There is far more evidence than I can share in a week's blog, but here are a few facts that baffle me when I reflect upon them. The Bible is by far the most heavily analyzed work in history, not to mention the top selling book every year, and yet NOT ONE THING HAS EVER BEEN PROVEN FALSE in its pages. Of over 1000 prophecies in scripture, over 600 have been proven true, with not one ever proven false, and the remaining have to do with the end times and events that are yet to come. The bible contains 66 books written over 1500 years by more than 40 authors from different backgrounds, regions, situations and careers, yet their inspirational words tie together PERFECTLY in theme, message and many detailed cross-references. Scripture referenced the stars uncountable, the earth as spherical, and the reality of gravitational pull long before any were ever known to man…even the order of creation as given in Genesis has been proven true in recent years after years of speculation...and numerous cities, cultures and eras have been confirmed using data from its pages. How accurately has it been passed on? The Dead Sea Scrolls, found in the mid 1900’s, contain nearly every book of the Old Testament and match word for word with the Bible we have today. THE BIBLE IS REAL, IT'S TRUE…and while the facts are still adding up, don't forget that its council is sound, its teachings are wise and its message of salvation meets every need from here to eternity!!!

Every person asks themselves the "questions of life"...where did I come from, why am I here and where do I go when I die? Denial, procrastination and ignorance toward the most important question we'll ever ask, or share with our children, is a very sad reality if indeed Christianity IS the way, truth and the life it claims to be. Satan's ploy is to keep us from seeking, because if we truly sought the answers that quench our soul, we will find, hope and love for eternity. There IS proof that Christianity is everything it claims to be...and I want that to spur doubters or non-Christians into SEEKING the answers...and to give Christians the BACKBONE to stand up for what you believe, to KNOW why you believe it, and to RISE UP and fight for the truth! It will NEVER fail...what faithful relief.

So according to a very factual book, full of proof and not a shred of disproof, there is a very real Heaven and a very real Hell...and it tells us that accepting Christ’s work on that cross is the only way to eternal life in Heaven…no other means. With so much of the Bible proven true, none ever proven false, I'm not gonna pick and choose what I want to believe...I'm gonna believe it's the inerrant, infallible Word of God like it's proven to be thus far.

Lord I pray...cast all my doubts, please prove them wrong, these demons can be so headstrong...make the walls fall and build me up with your fire so strong! (click play below on the playlist to listen to the Caedmon's Call song "prove me wrong")

For those of you intrigued by the evidence for Christianity, I encourage you all to buy, read and pass on this VERY short (and cheap) book! Especially for your children!

Also, a site I've found very helpful in answering most any question is ...their statement of faith in scripturally sound and the it's a very detailed and easy to use site.

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